Quotes on random topics in a random order

Law making is like coding but without debugging.   ACO

The entire knowledge was a point, ignorant made is scattered.   AAM

The only thing you need to know is where your local library is.   BE11

If your neighbor is going hungry and you are sleeping comfortable well-fed, you are not one of us.   MAA

Some proofs are so polished when I look at them I see the reflection of my own face and I get scared. We want proofs that give insight.   AB

If you fake something for too long it becomes your character. Never loose the ability to follow your hearth, have your own taste, and pick your own problems to solve.   JMR

Data science and academics are like teenegars and sx; they keep talking about it, they rarely actually do it, and when they do it they don't do it well.   GP

The difference we humans can bring compared to other animals is just love and understanding.   JW

If a grain of salt goes into a glass of water it becomes undrinkable. If a grain of salt goes into a river, people can continue to draw water from it and drink. The river is immense; it has the ability to embrace and tranform.   SAZMM

Deep facts are as simple as a chickens egg; that's why we often don't realize them floating around.   TFAS

Time travels through us. Eternal is just being timeless.   TFES

Generous is close to heaven, stingy is close to hell.   TFSA

I have, so far, stayed away from philosopy, but I cannot resist to quantum computing.   YSAF

I don't understand the pride in human; life is between a dirty droplet and soil.   TFSA

Ideologies are straitjackets for our consciousness. Their reputation is only due to their origin: Europe.   CM

Your identity should not be an accident of history; be concious of your habits.   AFSA

My Kabaa is human.   TFHB

Our perception shapes our experience.   EFSA

In order for a group of dominant people to dehumanize another group of people they need to first dehumanize themselves.   MM

In numerical analysis, when an experiment gets recorded in a reputable journal paper everyone believes in it; except the person who did the experiments.   MGAF

At birth not a single atom is added, and at death not a single atom is extracted. Do you understand?   DSBF