Alperen A. Ergür

  • Postdoc, Carnegie Mellon University

I am a postdoctoral researcher in CMU Theory of Computation group . My hosts are Venkat Gruswami and Pravesh Kothari .

My research interests are in discrete and convex geometry, real algebraic geometry, optimization, high dimensional phenomena (such as concentration of measure), and connections of these topics with algorithms and complexity theory. My writings are on arxiv .

I had the privilege to work with Felipe Cucker , Peter Bürgisser , Amin Coja-Oghlan , Cynthia Vinzant , Grigoris Paouris , and J. Maurice Rojas .

I am originally from Denizli , Turkey . I still hope that one day, the people of Turkey will not be scared to dissent.

Interests. Discrete and Convex Geometry, Real Algebraic Geometry, Convex Optimization, Randomized Numerics, Theory of Computation