Alperen A. Ergür

  • Faculty, University of Texas at San Antonio

I am an assistant professor in University of Texas at San Antonio Mathematics and Computer Science Departments.

Reasonable person policy I like (some quotes ) and CMU SCS reasonable person policy :
Everyone will be reasonable
Everyone expects everyone else to be reasonable
No one is special
Do not be offended if someone suggests you are not being reasonable

Teaching Interests My goal is to empower students with modern mathematical and computational skills, and cultivate algorithmic thinking. So far I'm involved in designing the following courses:
(1) a probability theory course delivered in algorithmic context,
(2) an undergrad level introduction to optimization,
(3) two course abstract algebra series from a computational point of view (still under development),
(4) a course on algorithmic foundations of data science: ad , syllabus

Seminar With Grigoris Paouris (TAMU) and Petros Valettas (Mizzou) we are running a student friendly research seminar on Geometry, Probability, and Computing. Details about the seminar can be found here .

Mentoring I very much enjoy working with undergraduate researchers, high school researchers, masters students, and postdoctoral researchers. If you find the topics above interesting and already a student at UTSA feel free to come talk to me.

Research Interests I am interested in real algebraic geometry, convex geometry, randomized numerical algorithms, optimization, and theory of computing. Combinatorics is natural and beatiful to me, so I dabble into it time to time. My publications are divided into broad categories below.

Convex Geometry and Optimization Combinatorics and Probability Discrete Geometry (Randomized) Numerical Algorithms in Geometry Symbolic Computation and Classical Algebraic Geometry