Alperen A. Ergür

  • Faculty, University of Texas at San Antonio

I am an assistant professor in University of Texas at San Antonio Mathematics Department.

I am interested in algebraic algorithms, discrete and convex geometry, randomized numerical analysis, convex optimization, and theory of computing.

With Grigoris Paouris (TAMU) and Petros Valettas (Mizzou) we are running a student friendly research seminar on Geometry, Probability, and Computing. Details about the seminar can be found here .

I like CMU SCS reasonable person policy:
Everyone will be reasonable
Everyone expects everyone else to be reasonable
No one is special
Do not be offended if someone suggests you are not being reasonable

I think context and contemporary connections matter for teaching timeless math wisdom.
So far I'm involved in designing:
(1) a probability theory course delivered in algorithmic context,
(2) an undergrad level introduction to discrete and continuous optimization,
(3) two course abstract algebra series from a computational point of view.

Interests. Algebraic Algorithms, Discrete and Convex Geometry, Randomized Numerical Analysis, Convex Optimization, Theory of Computing

Publications and Preprints